CSCI-430 Server-Side Software Development

This course covers servers-side web application development. Students will learn to set up a development server and develop web application servers that incorporate database connectivity and user authentication, and that provide RESTful APIs. Topics also include web protocols and security issues. Prerequisites: CSCI-220 and DSA-230 Offered alternate years.

Course Information

Course Syllabus
Course and Classroom Policies
Office Schedule
Course Notes

Book Resources

Node.js Web Development (5th Edition) (code)

Online Services

Heroku (website)
GitHub (website)
Can I use? (site)

Software Downloads

Homebrew Package Manager for MacOS(website)
Git for Windows (website) (downloads)
Visual Studio Code (ide)
Node.js (node server and npm)
MongoDB (community server)
Compass (MongoDB gui)
Postman (app)

Dev Documentation

HTTP Statuses (list)
Modules (MDN guide)
Using Promises (MDN guide)
fetch (

Visual Studio Code (docs)
Node.js (api)
npm (module search)
Express (guide) (api)
MongoDB NodeJS Driver (guide) (api)
Mongoose (guide) (api)

Video Resources

The Complete Node.js Developer Course (3rd Edition) (website) (Andrew Mead guide)


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