I love many things: my family, my faith, my work, my students, my college, and I live to serve them. The only limitations are the amount of time in the day and the priority of the things to which I serve. When I get a text message from my wife saying that she needs me to come home in the middle of the day, I do. When I see an email on facdisc asking for volunteers to help on the Conduct Hearing Board, I do. When I get an email from a student who wants help setting up a 3D printing club, I do. My job is not merely teaching students how to code. It includes serving my students, my department, my colleagues, and my college.

Visualizing My Service

You can view a timeline of the service that I've performed while at Bridgewater College by using the service visualization tool I created. The tool displays the dates and descriptions for many of the tasks, events, clubs, and committees in which I have participated. You can access the tool by clicking on the image above or by clicking the Service Visualization Tool link in the Table of Contents.

Tips for Using the Visualization Toool

Here are some tips for using the tool.

  • The button labeled Next (in the bottom left corner) will display the next activity in chronological order.
  • The button labeled Previous will display the previous activity in reverse chronological order.
  • You can view the dates and description of a particular activity associated with a bar in the visualization by clicking on the bar.
  • You can download a spreadsheet containing all of the activities in the visualization by clicking on the link labeled Service spreadsheet found in the bottom left corner of the page.

Other Service

The visualization tool shows you all of the activities that you'd traditionally call "service." Some of the other things that I spend my time on and that I consider service include the following:

  • I've written 17 letters of recommendation for our students.
  • I've filled out many online employment surveys.
  • I've served approximately 36 students each semester, including my first, as their academic advisor.
  • I help maintain the computer lab and clean storage rooms.
  • I help maintain department bulletin boards.
  • I've met with numerous families as they tour the campus to learn about our programs and community.
  • Before was available I administered, a mailing list to which I posted emails about job opportunities that came across mine and other faculty member's desks.
  • I pick up Phil's drycleaning.*

* I'm just kidding